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In Criminal Law, to make oath to that which the deponent knows to be untrue. This term is wider in its scope than perjury, for the latter, as a technical term, includes the idea of the oath being taken before a competent court or officer and relating to a material issue, which is not implied by the word forswear.

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to perjure oneself See PERJURY.
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The forgiver forswears resentment, but the evildoer, to be morally deserving of that effort, must acknowledge his wrong and repent, or in some other way suitably distance himself from his wrong and the message of disrespect so often tied to it.
"I told her: 'Miss, I'm very sorry, but I cannot forswear an allegiance that I do not have.
Eithurinn is an unfinished group of narrative poems that interprets the 17th-century tragic love story of Ragnheithur, the defiant daughter of Bishop Brynjolfur Sveinsson of Skalholt, who gives birth to the child of a lover whom she has been forced to forswear.
Let reformers of whatever political stripe challenge the rest of their colleagues on both sides of the aisle to forswear private campaign contributions in excess of, say, $10 (an amount any American citizen can arguably afford) starting on January 4 and continuing for at least the first hundred days of the 104th Congress.
The INF Treaty, signed by then-US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987, required the two countries to eliminate and permanently forswear all of their ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with ranges of 500 to 5,500 kilometres (310 to 3,417 miles).
Israel, which would have to forswear atomic arms and place all its nuclear facilities under the IAEA's watch if it signed the NPT, says full Middle East peace is a condition for it to join.
He suggests that the Obama Admmistration forswear any possibility of attacking Iran.
The long-suffering Palestinian people deserve better, but their aspirations for statehood can be realized only when they and their leadership accept Israel's right to exist and forswear the terrorist ideology that holds Gaza in its bloody grip.
red Barbash, a moderator said: "We continue to live in a dangerous world, the threat of terrorism is not a hoax and while we should not give in to fear, we should also not forswear vigilance, caution, preemptive measures and preparation."
Abbas also argues that Israel and the West, which have boycotted the Hamas government of the PA, should be willing to deal with a new unity government, even if it does not explicitly meet international demands to recognise Israel, forswear violence and accept previous Israeli-Palestinian agreements.
I doubt I'll have the wit of someone like the philosopher Voltaire who, when asked on his deathbed to forswear Satan, remarked 'This is no time to make new enemies.'
'This is a wonderful opportunity for Syria to forswear the pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and to see if there are not new possibilities in the Middle East peace process,' Bolton said.