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In Criminal Law, to make oath to that which the deponent knows to be untrue. This term is wider in its scope than perjury, for the latter, as a technical term, includes the idea of the oath being taken before a competent court or officer and relating to a material issue, which is not implied by the word forswear.

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to perjure oneself See PERJURY.
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(10) He interprets Christ's command to love our enemies as a call for forgiveness, (11) where forgiveness is at the least a forswearing of revenge (as Charles Griswold argues (12)), but may also involve a more inner transformation, a forswearing of resentment itself (as on Murphy's early formulation (13)).
Third, we have recently concluded an agreement with the most significant timber operators to allow environmental laws to be reintroduced after the logging is completed, forswearing entry by those companies into old-growth areas.
Forswearing almost everything but food, clothing, and shelter, these devout women brought to their classrooms a unique dedication to teaching - capable of overcoming whatever shortcomings of "higher education" they sometimes had.
The conduct of the argument is not always clear: after forswearing the General Prologue as a source for the personalities of his tellers, the author describes the Squire as ~a youthful rhetor with little or no interest in love' (p.
This forswearing of other possibilities will surely raise the hackles of many reviewers, especially historians of the Civil War.
Sally Potter's Orlando has gone another way, forswearing even scratching the beyond.
I treated the scissors like an x-acto knife, forswearing the holes where in crab fashion
Bush has been playing a dangerous game, forswearing torture while making the argument that suspected terrorists must be made to give up their secrets at any cost.
Its story consists essentially of four men forswearing women for three years and then succumbing to the first four women who cross their paths.
Its idea of a bold leap appeared to be for him to convert to Judaism, forswearing all Palestinian claims to statehood and selfdetermination.
Last week, that troubling ''but'' was translated into an executive order that, while forswearing torture, allows the intelligence agency to use ''enhanced'' interrogation methods off-limits to the U.S.