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In Criminal Law, to make oath to that which the deponent knows to be untrue. This term is wider in its scope than perjury, for the latter, as a technical term, includes the idea of the oath being taken before a competent court or officer and relating to a material issue, which is not implied by the word forswear.

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to perjure oneself See PERJURY.
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Part Two begins with an account of what is abandoned when Marxism is forsworn. Aronson claims that not only Marxism itself but its type of project must end (p.
Rather than betokening servility, such rituals, he shows, help the villagers to "construct" themselves as "subjects." ("Identity" is forsworn by most writers here as a Western concept).
forsworn; to grasp with wet hands the cold metal of life, then find a way to let go.
Except for the melancholy Der Meineidbauer (1872; "The Farmer Forsworn"), most of his plays were gay and witty comedies set among the people of small towns; they included Die Kreuzelschreiber (1872; "The Cross Makers"), Der G'wissenswurm (1874; "The Worm of Conscience"), and Doppelselbstmord (1876; "Double Suicide").
Every November BLACK ENTERPRISE profiles individuals who have forsworn traditional nine-to-five office jobs and are making their homes pay off in more ways than one.
Massoud Barzani, leader of the Kurdistan Democratic party (KDP), and Jalal Talabani, head of the rival Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), have forsworn their traditional rivalry in favour of maintaining a united Kurdish front.
"That's why since this incident he has forsworn alcohol.
Do not think me a feeble lover who swears and swears and is forsworn. If the fates permit I shall be with you straight after the the Great Lie by Myrrha Stanford-Smith tourney, where I am commanded, a little month but it will seem an age to one already so long away.
Prescott shouldn't have forsworn Dorneywood, owned and run by a charity and therefore not a drain on taxpayers.
And Koizumi has not forsworn visiting Yasukuni Shrine, either.
She's forsworn the life of daughter, wife, widow, and mother;
'This operation will come to a successful end when there is a new government in Iraq that has been decided upon by the people of Iraq and when the people of Iraq have forsworn any support of terrorism and there are no more weapons of mass destruction,' Mr Powell said.