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It stands forthrightly behind scientists who most strongly reject any religiously based alternative to science.
Buildings in remote rural areas do not necessarily always yield their form to the predominance of nature, as forthrightly demonstrated by this house in the Luftenberg region of Austria.
By forthrightly stating this "asymmetry," Nusseibeh acknowledged the immensity of Israel's sacrifice and the requirement for Palestinians to deliver on their promises.
This is Mideast Reality 101, but in seven years in office, Bush had never forthrightly acknowledged it.
Michelle is very sorry for what has happened, and has taken immediate steps to deal with this matter forthrightly," said Nick Velasquez, spokesman for the city attorney.
I can remember, back in the late 1960s, that to publish a forthrightly nontheistic book one needed to go through a freethought publisher.
Chirac forthrightly says that the financial tax could even be used to "stabilize exchange rates" between currencies--think control the value of a country's money.
Ova for Sale" (page 18) tells one woman's story of becoming part of a thriving fertility industry that refuses to forthrightly acknowledge that it is, in fact, an industry.
Nowhere does he forthrightly say he is working as an advocate for Kurdish interests, which in my view should disqualify him from writing a book that purports to be a dispassionate analysis of the Iraq problem.
Lowman details, forthrightly with humor, some of the adventures that she and her boys experienced.
In the preface to his new book, Against Judicial Activism, published this spring by McGill-Queen's University Press, Leishman forthrightly confesses that in 1981, "I was one of the more enthusiastic supporters of the proposed Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
But diocesan priests, those priests who served parishes under the local bishops' direct supervision, understood that birth control was a sensitive topic because it involved highly private and intimate behaviors and because the laity might resent parish priests for addressing the issue directly and forthrightly.