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However, it will take both a proven record of conservative governance and a commitment to - with evidence of - a new level of forthrightness to not only us, but to the constituency as a whole.
Cat's forthrightness and good looks first attract Henry's attention when she is little more than a child.
BBC director general Mark Thompson said: "Lord Hussey will be remembered for his great vision, his integrity and his forthrightness, but also for his great personal kindness.
Either way, the senator's forthrightness was welcomed by attendees, who took the opportunity to ask him tough questions about the Club for Growth--a staunchly conservative PAC that endorsed Specter's opponent in the 2004 primary--immigration, and the failed nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.
Not knowing what made Linker enlist in what he now regards as a dangerously authoritarian movement raises serious questions about his forthrightness and credibility.
When the CEO joined the group in later sessions there could have been a tendency among the members to regress from this forthrightness, but the CEO's initial discussion revealed a degree of personal vulnerability not seen by the group in previous, more formal, exposure to him.
Rich's down-to-earth forthrightness is very refreshing in such a learned individual.
It has to take extraordinary courage to write (and, I assume, speak and teach) in Israel with the forthrightness he does.
Having spent a number of years in talk radio broadcasting, I can honestly say that despite all his polish and rhetorical Vaseline, Murrow came across far less the man of honor, courage, and forthrightness than his kindred media buddies would have us believe.
Even when in the middle of a furore about unacceptable behaviour and lack of forthrightness, the regime could not stop indulging in the cynical manipulation of information.
We) take this period of silence from management known for its forthrightness as an indication that A-B's earnings power is likely weaker than we previously believed," analyst Mark Swartzberg said in a research note.