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Through its provision of authoritative and granular detail of the Fortified Wine market in Paraguay, this report fills the gaps in marketers' understanding of market trends and the components of change driving them.
Save your money; resist the urge to buy gimmicky fortified waters.
After three months, blood levels of folate increased significantly only in the women who got the folate supplement or the fortified foods.
Dr Uzma further added that along-with all these initiatives most important thing is to raise awareness among masses to increase the consumption of fortified oil and flour as their demand will ultimately compel Mill associations to increase production of fortified items.
The DHO told APP that supply of fortified ghee had been started from 12 mills of Rawalpindi and Lahore since May this year.
Sensory mean scores showed that there were no significant differences between the control yogurt and the yogurt that was fortified with ferrous sulfate microencapsulate in terms of appearance, flavor, mouthfeel and overall preference.
We have a positive proof point from the real world that good solid engineering using Fortified principles works.
Independent research sponsored by the Alabama Center for Insurance Information and Research (ACIIR) at the University of Alabama examined the effect of IBHS Fortified Home designations on home values in Mobile and Baldwin counties, finding that a) switching from a conventional construction standard to a Fortified designation increases the value of a home by nearly 7 percent holding all other variables constant; and, b) Fortified-grade properties or retrofitting a home to meet Fortified standards is an economically sound investment.
The report considers, Fortified Wine as a wine 'fortified' by the addition of spirit which engenders a secondary fermentation.
In the area of Tadmur in the province of Homs, a Su-24 bomber destroyed a major ISIL fortified area, as well as a tank firing position, a Zu-23 anti-aircraft gun and a mortar battery.
The report provides data to help companies in the Fortified Wine industry better understand the changes in their environment, seize opportunities and formulate business strategies.