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But were the coming narrative to reveal, in any instance, the complete abasement of poor Starbuck's fortitude, scarce might I have the heart to write it; for it is a thing most sorrowful, nay shocking, to expose the fall of valor in the soul.
Between the commencement and termination of such a period, there would always be a considerable interval, in which the prospect of annihilation would be sufficiently remote, not to have an improper effect upon the conduct of a man indued with a tolerable portion of fortitude; and in which he might reasonably promise himself, that there would be time enough before it arrived, to make the community sensible of the propriety of the measures he might incline to pursue.
What instances must pass before them of ardent, disinterested, self-denying attachment, of heroism, fortitude, patience, resignation: of all the conflicts and all the sacrifices that ennoble us most.
Here and there, human nature may be great in times of trial; but generally speaking, it is its weakness and not its strength that appears in a sick chamber: it is selfishness and impatience rather than generosity and fortitude, that one hears of.
I had always felt my weakness, in comparison with her constancy and fortitude; and now I felt it more and more.
He developed a talent for telling them home truths, which made them bear with fortitude his declaration that he had done with that city and was settling in Gerona, a little town in the north of Spain which had attracted him when he saw it from the train on his way to Barcelona.
I am about to proceed on a long and difficult voyage, the emergencies of which will demand all my fortitude: I am required not only to raise the spirits of others, but sometimes to sustain my own, when theirs are failing.
He prayed to Almighty Allah to rest the departed soul in eternal peace and grant courage to the family to bear this irreparable loss with fortitude.
Contractor address : Level 8, 540 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4005
The President commiserated with the bereaved families and prayed to Allah Almighty to grant fortitude to them to bear this loss.
In a condolence message, the governor prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul and granting courage to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss with fortitude.
In a statement issued here on Saturday, they prayed that may Allah Almighty rest the departed soul in peace and grant courage to the bereaved family to bear the irreparble loss with fortitude.