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Invite these gentlemen to come to the fortress," said he.
His guards, taking him by the arms and coat-collar, forced him to rise, and dragged him towards the steps that lead to the gate of the fortress, while the police officer carrying a musket with fixed bayonet followed behind.
Then I crept out to approach the fortress walls in search of a way within.
Women they had inevitably stolen after successful combats, and, in the end, being burdened with women and progeny, Somo had descended upon the mainland shore, driven the bushmen back, and established the salt-water fortress of Somo.
Against this assault, the besieged could only oppose the imperfect and hasty preparations of a fortress in the wilderness.
Their three heads had been close together during this brief discourse, and it had been as much as they could do to hear one another, even then: so tremendous was the noise of the living ocean, in its irruption into the Fortress, and its inundation of the courts and passages and staircases.
I inquired the name of the garrison of the fortress of Malabat, and they said it was Mehemet Ali Ben Sancom.
They took prisoner Don Pedro Puertocarrero, commandant of the Goletta, who had done all in his power to defend his fortress, and took the loss of it so much to heart that he died of grief on the way to Constantinople, where they were carrying him a prisoner.
I dare say you have in this fortress a small garden, or some courtyard, or, if not that, at least some terrace.
Michel Ardan, with his accustomed ardor, maintained "the evidences" of his fortress.
She played the girl, until he could rebuild his fortress and hide his soul from the world.
The youth wandered on, and after some time came to a fortress where he begged for a night's lodging.