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Friquet said one novel, a collaboration with a friend in Paris, focuses on a man and woman of opposing personalities, who meet through a series of fortuities.
Even the Schoenberg expert will find rarities, and some timely fortuities such as the outline text, entitled "Death Dance of Principles," to the sixth movement of a large unfinished symphony, which Lydia Goehr addresses in an auspicious article on Schoenberg and Adorno ("Adorno, Schoenberg, and the Totentanz der Principien--in Thirteen Steps," Journal of the American Musicological Society 56 [Fall 2003]: 595-636).
But Alschuler also points out several other fortuities that contributed to Holmes' beatification.
Pointedly, the Court rhetorically asked "what would be gained by opening the federal courthouse doors for a fiduciary malpractice claim, save for possibly random fortuities such as more favorable scheduling, or the ancillary opportunity to seek attorney's fees.