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This last incident fortuitously leads to a perfect impressionist painting and success in the competition.
He fortuitously accepted in 2006--right before the housing market crashed--and the couple launched NAP (Natural Attachment Parenting).
First measurement of tsunami erosion: A team of scientists whose detailed coastline survey fortuitously bracketed two tsunami events in the Kuril Islands off the east coast of Russia have collected the first detailed data on tsunami erosion.
But after several half-hearted attempts to stop unaided, and with the arrival of his now two-year-old son Gabriel being an additional incentive, Jamie contacted the service one lunchtime and fortuitously there was a drop-in session later that afternoon.
Not to reap benefit so fortuitously with DyStar's bankruptcy, Everlight Chemical has worked out new dye materials, namely ED series, as the ace in the hold to boost its global market share, which features high absorption rates and creates only one-tenth the residue volume of traditional dye materials, allowing wastewater to be processed more easily and economically.
We put some attacking players on at the end and managed to get a result - some will say fortuitously, but we deserve that.
We each have our lucky ancestors, fortuitously crushed in riots,
In 1999, Hurricane Gert (pictured at left) fortuitously passed directly over one NOAA-deployed hydrophone, and Makris recently had his paper analyzing those findings accepted by Geophysical Research Letters.
By some novel arrangement of the stars, the golden age of illustration and the golden age of train travel ran fortuitously on parallel tracks, and those tracks run right across the covers of The Saturday Evening Post.
A picture is worth a thousand words, the saying goes, but millions might not suffice to delve into significance of the two photographs that fortuitously ran on the front page of the Sept.
A long clearance from Matt Taylor fell fortuitously to Jamie Mackie and the young striker made no mistake as he turned and struck a rasping shot beyond the flailing Danny Potter in the Cambridge goal to notch his first goal of the season.
This measure was done to increase WBC count, but it fortuitously may have helped reduce manic symptoms.