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A picture is worth a thousand words, the saying goes, but millions might not suffice to delve into significance of the two photographs that fortuitously ran on the front page of the Sept.
A long clearance from Matt Taylor fell fortuitously to Jamie Mackie and the young striker made no mistake as he turned and struck a rasping shot beyond the flailing Danny Potter in the Cambridge goal to notch his first goal of the season.
Six current-measuring instruments were fortuitously sitting on the seafloor in the path of Hurricane Ivan, which struck the Gulf Coast in mid-September 2004 (SN: 6/11/05, p.
Fortuitously, Nadira also has a gift with animals, and soon her camel is running faster than anyone else's.
The title was acquired, if fortuitously, in last week's pounds 8,000 Northern Puppy Derby at Sunderland, when the November 2004 whelp just held off Vatican Jinky, who rallied strongly after meeting serious trouble when challenging at the third bend.
Prior to his death in November 2004, Ararat was propped up politically by fortuitously timed Israeli counterterrorist strikes.
This December the playwright marks the second anniversary of his Vermont civil union with attorney Tom Kirdahy, who fortuitously came into his life not long after McNally lost a long-term partner, playwright Gary Bonasorte, to AIDS in 2000.
The texture of the twentieth century is fading in our memory, as the talking cure listens to Prozac and the end of history scrambles not to become the history of the end--but the fortuitously timed Max Ernst retrospective reminded us that conditions of epic urgency surround us and that art is allowed to claim them as its contextual domain.
Fortuitously, Dworkin and MacKinnon cared just as little that their new friends were very much in favor of female subordination, Biblical style.
Though his life is a compelling story of a talented actor with drive, ambition and a sense of dignity, Goudsouzian's analysis shows us how a career fortuitously intersected with and benefited from the demands of African Americans to level legal and social barriers.
Any price established absent a comprehensive resident assessment is only fortuitously reflective of customer need.
Fortuitously, the weather cooperated this past season.