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Modern dramas and other artistic productions, however, where sexual love is the main attraction, put us in touch with a pervasive frigidity factor which is infused into the heat of the passions being portrayed by the utter fortuitousness associated with all this; and the whole interest is thought to rest only on these--which may well be of infinite importance to them, but hardly in itself (PR [section] 162).
Another element to introduce into the insurance mix is the idea of fortuitousness.
I do not intend to control what happens on the tables; there is an element of fortuitousness that is essential," Joglar explains.
In translations, it is sometimes referred to as luck, coincidence, fortuitousness, or fortuity.
Poetry is not a great pile of permutations or a series of purely individual daily experiences accompanied by extreme fortuitousness.
The key to the form of Don Juan, then, is the episodic method, where fortuitousness, not probability, is sought, and where plans and designs operate only in restricted ways.
The aim of his emphasis on observed phenomenal order is to draw the attention of both the discursive reason and the intuitive intellect to the impossibility of blind chance, futile fortuitousness and care-less causality having any share in this "purposeful arrangement" (27) and regularity, and thereby to the recognition, acknowledgement and adoration of the only direct, immediate and effective Cause, namely, the Most Wise Creator Who "is present with all things and does all things in all things.
The befalling or occurrence of anything without preordination; chance, fortuitousness.
The Epilogue reminds the audience of the fortuitousness of Henry's victories--"Fortune made his sword" (6)--and of the bloodshed that follows in his son's reign when "so many had the managing" (11) of the state.
On the contrary, those aspects of the photograph which appear to stress its 'objectivity' - excess detail, homogenous space, the 'hardness' of the frame (the frame as 'cut'), the temporal nature of the photographic image, its sporadic fortuitousness and 'shapelessness', etc.
The first and in many ways most central ambiguity--even contradiction--inherent in compassion or fellow-feeling is its relation to self-love, its narcissism (hence the extraordinary fortuitousness of the name "Narcissus" as the name of a ship on which Conrad had actually sailed).
The New American Poetry offers a valuable case study in the fortuitousness of the anthologizing process; such a study seems particularly instructive when Allen's collection is still often treated in contemporary scholarship as something of a monolithic construction.