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presumption allowed the President under the fortuity view to make recess
turn entirely on the fortuity of the forum in which the plaintiff chose
His connections in other parts of the state along with his background provide him with fortuity.
And they do not, certainly the law does not, arise out of mere fortuity or artifice.
Sergio Campos, Subordination and the Fortuity of Our Circumstances, 41 U.
They met on holiday in June 2012 and the fortuity of their chance encounter spurred on their desire to create My Single Band.
Thus, Gayfers cannot be fairly interpreted as approving the denial of coverage based on the fortuity to the insurers of delayed discovery, when damages actually occurred during their policy periods.
58) In Ramos, the Court of Appeals suppressed the statement uttered as to the unrelated matter, not due to the fortuity that counsel had already been retained, but because of counsel's specific directive that there be no police interrogation about unrelated matters.
Accordingly, the court noted that the prior-knowledge provision made fortuity a condition of coverage.
Care should be taken in the process of selecting "risks" for the captive to insure because true insurance requires a certain amount of fortuity.
that what is claimed to be a consequence is only fortuity.