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Eakin also argued that those who defraud others using fortunetelling should be prosecuted under fraud laws, not under a blanket ordinance that infringes on people's spiritual beliefs.
Chong's fortunetelling is based on the traditional Chinese studies of the Eight Diagrams and the Book of Changes.
One investigation into fortunetelling con artists uncovered a single victim who had paid several thousand dollars to remove a curse.
In fairness to his newly-acquired fortunetelling skills, he did eventually (two minutes later - a veritable lifetime on radio) sniff the Spanish cheese and take a tiny nibble, giving him a 100 per cent predicting record.
Sabat is one of scores of people reported arrested every year in the kingdom on charges of practicing sorcery, witchcraft, black magic and fortunetelling, which are considered to be polytheism by the country's ultraconservative judiciary.
Abdel Salam Musa's documentary "Finjan mshakkal" depicts the biography of a coffee cup, which people drink every morning and highlights people's rituals in drinking coffee, including the coffee-cup fortunetelling which many people attach credibility to.
Fortunetelling is a booming business in this city of mystics, believers and black magic makers -- especially at the start of a new year.
The requirement was dropped at the last minute, and now fortunetelling will take its place alongside pushcart-peddling, massage, and junk dealing as a fee-paying, city-vetted business.