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Abdel Salam Musa's documentary "Finjan mshakkal" depicts the biography of a coffee cup, which people drink every morning and highlights people's rituals in drinking coffee, including the coffee-cup fortunetelling which many people attach credibility to.
Fortunetelling is a booming business in this city of mystics, believers and black magic makers -- especially at the start of a new year.
The requirement was dropped at the last minute, and now fortunetelling will take its place alongside pushcart-peddling, massage, and junk dealing as a fee-paying, city-vetted business.
Sabat is one of scores of people reported arrested every year in the kingdom for practicing sorcery, witchcraft, black magic and fortunetelling.
At least, our fortunetelling is not in lock step with actuality.
And for the mystically minded, there's palm reading and fortunetelling.
Packing more than 30 years into her 95-minute intermissionless performance, Gien opens with Lizzie practicing some amateur fortunetelling by counting the ``little white spots'' on her fingernails.
In the entertainment district, some students manned a fortunetelling booth while others offered hand massages.
Monday's fair drew about 300 people and offered games, prizes, a book fair, massages, fortunetelling and facials.
Though the field once was scorned by scientists as something akin to fortunetelling and palm reading, handwriting analysis has achieved a respectable profile in recent decades with hundreds of graphologists like Lowe in Southern California.