forward motion

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Secondly, Ellis suggests that I am so concerned to chase a rhyme that my use of the word "stream" loses "the violent forward motion of the torrent.
Mercury, your relationship and career governor, is in reverse with his first full day in forward motion on the 12th.
Accordingly, when the forward motion of the bolt is abruptly stopped during the chambering of a cartridge, the inertia of the firing pin carries it forward until it impacts the cartridge primer, making a small but clearly visible indent.
TOM: But when you start to move forward, you're not only getting those five drops every second that are coming from right above you, but because of your forward motion, your windshield also is colliding with additional drops that would have fallen in front of your car had you been sitting still.
Head is forward to indicate forward motion and progress.
Insisting that his action was not a head butt, Pardew said that he tried to ease Meyler away when the player pushed him and put his head in a forward motion, which seemed like a head-butt.
He was right on top of me and I wanted to just ease him away from me but obviously I put my head in a forward motion.
com, India's most innovative kids' furniture brand has launched Lulla, India's 1st Forward Motion Cradle based on an extensive study conducted by the University of Minnesota, USA that advocates the supremacy of rocking/swinging babies in a forward motion vs.
Forward Motion creates intricate dialogue between members of the ensemble.
Flexicon's peristaltic pumps are able to handle live cells and perform by compressing the tubing in a forward motion with the tube acting as both the check valve as well as the transport mechanism.
The biggest plow I've seen is 10-bottom and the levers were behind the forward motion of the plow.
Ben will give us valuable experience in the pack, and will provide a good forward motion for our exciting backline.

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