forward motion

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Though the words at the ground-breaking were congratulatory and conciliatory, there has been a number of very public battles that threatened the forward motion of the project.
When the static-friction force is exceeded, uncontrolled movement takes place until the forward motion again sticks.
It is always moving forward, it is always realizing that God is always out there ahead of his people, his people are always trying to catch up; and our task as preachers and as friends of preachers is to facilitate that forward motion and direction.
That means that you get a maximum sense of forward motion from 2,400 rpm to 5,200 rpm, with the red line at 6,500.
We thus preach aggressiveness and forward motion, pushing the opponent back to make it appear that he is stalling.
Adaptive controllers in the machine tool "look" and "plan" ahead, slowing the forward motion of cutting tool enough to minimize error in the corner, while maximizing cutting speed.
Rotex also added a new Dual Velocity drive that subtly accelerates the forward motion of the pellets from slow at the inlet, where most of the good material passes through the screens, to more rapid at the discharge end, to get long pellets out of the way.
There are two modes of operation: the first is to halt the bag for a very short time whilst the probe is inserted, the air extracted and the probe withdrawn before the next filled bag is presented to the mouth of the machine; the second allows the bag to continue its forward motion whilst the probe enters and evacuates the air.
Anatomically, the makeup of the spine allows for smaller forces on the neck muscles for a forward motion especially in low impact crashes.
Though a chilling melodramatic creation, some of her set-piece shrieking fits get in the way of the forward motion on the narrative.
Some lack conviction, despite having money; the effort is merely spinning wheels with no forward motion.

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