forward motion

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The sideways/lateral motion of a traditional cradle is perceived as a circular motion by the brain and induces dizziness and discomfort in babies while the forward motion of Lulla is perceived as a linear motion (very similar to a baby's own movements inside a mother' womb) and helps them sleep faster.
Once all the air is out, re-set your screwdriver to forward motion and tighten the screw bolt valve up.
David Parry conducts the London Philharmonic Orchestra with dramatic intent and a welcome forward motion. This recording, sumptuously packaged like all Opera Rara releases, is dedicated to the memory ofWilliam Ashbrook, the international authority on Donizetti, who died March 31, 2009.--NC
This system puts the product in forward motion, traveling on the indexing pocket.
To ride one, you must move the plates in opposing directions to generate forward motion.
Still she moves, forward motion the only possible elegy for all the blood she has shed, for what ticks through the slow, red clock of the body, snow whispering against the windshield of a car one only drives alone, the body dreaming itself into red-- wolf, salmon, fox, even the cardinals of her childhood, erupting in a ring of flame around the outstretched palm of her mitten.
The propulsion mode of 5 to 10 degrees provides forward motion while effectively moving sand, silt and other debris back to the pipe opening.
1 : to send through the air with a quick forward motion of the arm <Throw me a ball.>
For instance: "...I turned my head slightly and took a sly dekko through the glasses..." "...I asked, biting a wodge off my salami baguette..." "...I lay doggo on the other side of the privet shield." Using such colorful language, Newman is adept at stringing out the clues and revelations while maintaining a constant sense of forward motion. The Ruffian on the Stair is a story of family secrets, but not just one family.
Designed to stop the forward motion of the bowstring, the String Tamer allows the string to stop at its natural resting point.
Using the slide hammer (or heavy wrench), impact it in a forward motion against the extra cap to capture the throat(s) between the tube and receiver.
To help maintain forward motion, AutoLoad[TM] reduces wheel slip in low traction applications to maintain productivity.

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