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com's free URL forwarding can make unlimited, real-time modifications to their URL forwarding accounts, allowing them to point their domain name to different Web sites instantaneously and at will.
NET's patented technology automates email filtering and forwarding thus increasing communications productivity.
Odyssey's International Forwarding Platform complements the people and process expertise it already possesses, particularly from its acquisition of Nordstrom Freighting.
The purchase includes Menlo Worldwide Forwarding's air and ocean forwarding operations in more than 175 countries, its North American services and facilities, its operations hub in Dayton, Ohio, Menlo Worldwide Expedite
Menlo Worldwide Forwarding will provide domestic air freight services to Boeing, as well as Boeing's suppliers and vendors.
operating unit is based in Hong Kong and focuses on integrated logistics, freight forwarding and warehousing services in the Far East region and Mainland China.
C-TPAT certification was approved after Menlo Worldwide Forwarding voluntarily submitted an in-depth application for C-TPAT participation last summer.
Menlo Worldwide Forwarding, a leading global heavyweight freight forwarding company (previously called Emery Forwarding), today announced the opening of a new office serving the Port of Manzanillo -- Mexico's busiest and largest Pacific port that strategically links Mexico to 74 countries throughout the world.
Ocean shipping remains one of the most attractive and cost effective means of transporting freight," said Christine Callahan, vice president of ocean services for Menlo Worldwide Forwarding.