Freight Forwarder

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Freight Forwarder

An individual who, as a regular business, assembles and combines small shipments into one lot and takes the responsibility for the transportation of such property from the place of receipt to the place of destination.

The role of a freight forwarder is to collect and consolidate shipments that are less than a carload or truckload and obtain common carrier transportation for the long-haul transport of the property, which is owned by individual carload or truckload shippers. Such a forwarder ordinarily has the same liability for loss as a common carrier.


Shipping Law.

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Pre-Qualification: The bidder should have experience of at-least 10 years as custom house / forwarding agent.
GAC Bahrain, a leading shipping and forwarding agent, has managed all logistics pertaining to the safe shipment of renowned architect Zaha Hadid's first exhibition in the Middle East.
There are other benefits, admitted Radian Juma, a clearing and forwarding agent.
Product Sub-Category : Clearing and forwarding agent
Product Sub-Category: Clearing and forwarding agent
Tenders are invited for Engagement of freight forwarding agent for transportation of grse imported consignment through sea from different countries to kolkata haldia port
The vice president of Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Haji Dawood Khan, custom collector and forwarding agent associations president Haji Hameedullah, Haji Kamal-ud-din, Haji Salah-ud-din, Haji Niaz Muhammad, Haji Abdul Qayyum, Muhammad Ghani, Rehmatullah Pehlwan, Haji Lala Jan, Haji Muhammad Akbar Khan, Haji Jamal-ud-din, Haji Abdullah, Haji Muhammad Hashim, Haji Ghausullah, Niaz MUhammd and other members on the occasion expressed their goodwill and welcomed the unopposed election of the dignitaries.
2 million and handed over documents for release to Athar Ali Shah , clerk of a clearing and forwarding agent who escaped with documents as result of which vehicles remained stuck at port for more than two years accruing demurrage of rupees 2.
Tenders are invited for Appointment Of Stevedoring, Clearing And Forwarding Agent For Dry Bulk Fertilizers At Chennai Port
Forwarding Agent for the Offer, at HSBC Bank USA, Issuer Services, 140 Broadway, Level A, New York, NY 10005-1180 (Telephone 800-662-9844).
IPSEAL is presently making arrangements with their freight forwarding agent to accept initial delivery of the Field System and Product.
Contract notice: Freight forwarding agent for national and international trade fairs.