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We have many constituencies; Hirak [Southern Movement], Ansar Allah [Huthis], women, civil society, and obviously and forwardly other political parties.
He told me straight forwardly that they wanted both of them to be sacked.
In addition, patients should demonstrate loss of greater than 10[degrees] of external rotation when the arm is forwardly elevated or abducted to 90[degrees] (hornblower's sign).
The tactical version of DEE will likely be called Tactical Enterprise Email and will be hosted on forwardly deployed servers.
The problem with this vision of justice as choice is that it does not straight forwardly apply in cases of multi-jurisdictional class actions where non-resident class members are dragged into a forum chosen by the representative plaintiff and counsel.
If, however, one looks neutrally at the scene depicted on this stela one observes a presumed adult male depicted in anatomical profile, an ear, a wide-open eye, and a sense of motion conveyed by an upturned and forwardly disposed right arm and forwardly situated right leg.
He continued: "Brevity was very progressive last year and training forwardly for the 1,000 Guineas when suffering a setback in the spring.
As historian William McLoughlin noted in a highly critical 1957 article, which despite its venom fairly straight forwardly assesses Graham's organization, revivalists from Charles Finney to Billy Sunday utilized similar methods of preparing for and operating revivals.
This aspect is lost to some extent in Hayao Miyazaki's film, where Howl, voiced by Christian Bale in the English version, is far more straight forwardly debonair and heroic; also, there are far fewer feisty females.