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Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro said that, he expects straight forwardness to make Western Equatoria state an "exemplary state in curbing corruption.
Students are encouraged to interpret the sexual liberty and forwardness of the noblewoman Jocelyn and the commoner Will Thatcher's desire for upward social and economic mobility as historically probably instances of, or responses to, these well-attested structural changes.
A good school is a transforming place where moral training emphasising values of sincerity, honesty, straight forwardness, courage unselfishness, endurance, respect for elders perseverance to achieve wealth of knowledge, work for peace are to be cultivated in abundance," he said.
O Fantasma, for all its sexual forwardness, makes frequent use of ellipses and lacunae, leaving much to the imagination.
His forwardness also leads our family's local effort to raise money for the Mines Advisory Group, a Nobel Prize-winning organization that helps eliminate the deadly unexploded ordnance left from the Vietnam war that (still) litters Laos.
The woman not only helped transform M&S from being the place your Nan went to buy her knickers into a store known for fashion forwardness, but she has also revolutionised the way women of a certain age dress.
The simplicity and straight forwardness of the Quran has ruled and built empires and kingdoms.
It was his forwardness and brash commentary that urged me to grab a pad of paper and pen; I was unprepared and captured only scant notes to embolden the narrative captured in my memory.
Thus Hallward's undeserved misfortune springs from his character flaws of both waywardness (his admiring forwardness in relation to his beloved) and his visceral squeamishness.
I appreciate the information, tips and general coverage of fashion forwardness for all of us gals who are not size 8 and under.
The APU Conference was a victory for Kurdistan Region, remarked Kurdish leaders, who declared that Kurdistan Region gained a lot from the conference since most Arab countries were able to witness firsthand the stability and forwardness of Kurdistan Region.
And I further agree not to part with a proof of the etching or an impression of the plate in any stage of forwardness whatever; or allow a copy to be made of the original or proof, or any part of either of them; without the consent of the aforesaid agents; and also to deliver the plate with the engraved surface and edges perfectly clean, and well coated with wax, or such other protection as will secure them from rust or other injury, and to be in all respects ready to be printed.