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2] shopping complex is covered with 45 x 45 cm tiles composed of two varieties of fossiliferous limestone.
The specimens come from the Bajo Trapalco fossiliferous locality, at Rio Negro province, northeastern Patagonia, Argentina (figure 1).
A wide variety of other types have also been found, including specimens with (1) spongy grey matrix, (2) brecciated matrix, (3) spongy matrix composed of fine to medium-grained green crystals of garnet, (4) spongy matrix composed of partially altered fossiliferous sandstone, (5) massive matrix composed of fine-grained aggregates of garnet and calcite, crosscut by coarse-grained veins of spathic calcite, and so on.
tani was originally described by Drooger (1952) from a sample collected from "Oligocene" outcrops of fossiliferous conglomerate along the Reventazon river (Costa Rica).
The upper Olcese Sand, the most fossiliferous part of the unit, is a very fine- to fine-grained, marine sandstone, which grades into a sandy siltstone southwards toward the Kern River and into a siltstone westward in outcrop (Olson et al.
Tyndall Stone is a grey to buff, mottled, fossiliferous, dolomitic limestone that is quarried at Garson, Manitoba, 37 km northeast of Winnipeg.
In addressing this specific question, however, the effects of changing sea-level on the accessibility of fossiliferous chert was investigated.
The Soru Formation is a poorly fossiliferous interval and is assigned tentatively to the Rusophycus parallelum Zone by its relative stratigraphic position.
This fossiliferous clayey interval is probably the basal layer of Unit 4 as defined by Stricklin et al.
The wackestones and packstones are very fossiliferous, and contain abundant brachiopods (Figure 4C), bivalves, some bryozoans, and fusulinid foraminifera (e.
With the exception of several probably heterochronous, stratigraphically and geographically restricted horizons, the dark shales of the Sarka Formation are usually quite sparsely fossiliferous.