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Mergl (2002) proposed that the generally poorly fossiliferous shales with phyllocarids (Caryocaris), graptolites, conulariids, nautiloids and trilobites should be classified as the Rafanoglossa Community within his Paterula Community Group.
Possibly additional specimens of bats, including forms with Neotropical affinities, would come to light if more fossiliferous matrix could be processed for microvertebrates.
The woodland habitat that we infer from the presence of a shrew in the fossil assemblage might even have been a localized stand growing immediately around the sinkhole itself; pieces of wood (some quite large) are abundant in the fossiliferous Zone A sinkhole sediments (Farlow, Richards et al.
Of particular note is the presence of flint lenses, which provided raw material for stone tools within units 1 (oldest) and 3, and the uppermost fossiliferous sandy limestone which forms overhangs.
The Rus Formation (Lower Eocene) is composed of fossiliferous doloitic limestone with thin argillaceous limestone grading upward to well-bedded limestone.
This Jura Stone Light Beige tile is a common example of fossiliferous building stone found throughout the United States.
The ROM holds a unique collection of fossil specimens from this extraordinary locality as well as a spectacular 46-square-metre (500-square-foot) slab taken from Mistaken Point's most abundantly fossiliferous surface--both of which will be displayed.
A remarkable deposit of fossiliferous amber from the Upper Cretaceous (Turonian) of New Jersey, pp.
Others include projectile points made of agatized petrified wood, ornamental objects incorporating fossils recovered from archeological sites, and historic structures with fossiliferous building stones.
The only occurrence of carbonate rocks is as fossiliferous clasts in breccias near the base of this formation.