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Such damage resulted from fossilization, not a fall, a critic of the new research contends.
The fossilization of agrarian morphology can be understood in the case of the Mexicali Valley like a process in which a reconversion takes place only in the socioeconomic axis without touching upon the morphological aspects that remain almost the same.
In recent years, fossilization has been increasingly related to the phenomenon of empty categories, that is, those elements which are not present in the IL, even though they are required in the TL and, sometimes, even in the source language, as Cebreiros (2004:34) acknowledges.
Key words: error analysis, fossilization, language acquisition, articles, prepositions.
So to me, photography functions as a fossilization of time.
Amber is formed as a result of the fossilization of resin, which takes millions of years to be formed.
It's true that the current shortage of competitive seats contributes to the legislature's fossilization.
The idea that Skeels put forth--that the deep muck and peat and floating mats of vegetation ("quaking bogs") in the late Pleistocene were natural traps that these heavy animals would have broken through--is still accepted as primary taphonomic event involved in the fossilization of these proboscideans.
Consequently, security and electronic exchange of data needs led to the development of proprietary maintaining processes like wide area networks (WAN) and virtual private networks (VPN) and to system fossilization.
The hyphae are septate and probably represent signs of incipient decay of the stem prior to fossilization.