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The fossilized embryos the researchers found were significantly smaller than other fossil embryos from the same time period, suggesting they represent a yet undescribed organism.
Amiot and his team looked at the proportions of oxygen isotopes in the fossilized spinosaur teeth.
Visitors will even get to see one fossil up dose: A fossilized footprint discovered on an isolated rock was poised to fall into Igloo Creek and might have proven too tempting to vandals, so it was removed to become part of a display in coming months.
Until now, the oldest fossilized human remains uncovered in Africa were 300,000 years old, and those of the oldest modern humans 100,000 years old, leaving a gap in human evolution in the time in between.
The fossilized elephant bird egg was valued at 20,000 6 30,000 pounds ($30,500 - $45,750) before the auction on Wednesday.
A closer look at fossilized feathers suggests pigment may have been preserved
Guthrie calculated the ages of hundreds of fossilized mammoth bones, and found that mammoth populations had been dwindling before humans arrived in the region.
Fifty-two pieces of fossilized human bone have been unearthed in the town of Tako in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, a fossil research group said Thursday.
Sander, along with Jasmina Wiemann and other Bonn colleagues, thought fossilized shells might harbor remnants of color, too.
Washington, June 22 ( ANI ): Scientists from South Africa, Australia and France have discovered a world first association while scanning a 250 million year old fossilized burrow from the Karoo Basin of South Africa.