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Chinese laws place fossilized creatures under state ownership and ban any trade or possession of them except by specialized institutions and professionals.
By analyzing fossilized vertebrate eyes as found in A.
The Cambrian Period ushered in the advent of shells and over time shells and exoskeletons can be fossilized, giving scientists clues into how organisms existed millions of years ago, he said.
The different attenuation, or absorption of radiation, through the bone compared with the surrounding matrix enabled clear depiction of a fossilized vertebral body.
The creatures' fossilized skeletons show they had long snouts, the way crocodiles do, and studies of spinosaur fossilized stomachs show that the creatures ate fish.
Fiorillo, Brease, and others generally begin their search for new fossils by visiting sites with fossilized plants, hoping to find evidence of flora that existed in the same age as the dinosaurs.
But Cox especially marvels at the fossilized remains that show an animal had survived a debilitating injury.
Anthropologists believe these 10 hominids were modern humans in their primitive stage, likely just after evolving from archaic humans, the first fossilized remains that provide clues to the linkage between paleoanthropic and neanthropic humans.
It rests on its little plinth like the bones of some fossilized creature, some vertebrate remnant, bent and twisted into a tortuous chain.
Peter has survived 24 close encounters with death, several of them were with sharks, which led to his collecting fossilized shark's teeth and the making of jewelry using these rare finds.
A huge fossilized egg, belonging to an extinct elephant bird, fetched $101,813 at auction in London.
and a team of scientists from the University of Manchester and Stanford University pulled pigment traces from fossilized feathers, using one of the world's most precise imaging machines, called the Synchrotron, at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University.