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But there are 20 more children who still need foster parents, families and or homes," she said.
That's why we need the foster parents to encourage them to stay in school [and] minimize the number of OSY in the city.
As soon as she saw Chang and Kuo, they embraced each other, eyes brimming with tears, and Lin immediately knelt down and said to her foster parents, 'Thank you for taking care of me, without you, there is no me.
I first became a foster parent 35 years ago and I have to say that the program has evolved into a highly supportive network to provide the best care for vulnerable children while their families are in crisis.
And just like every other parent, foster parents need support, too.
Eighteen years later his life came full circle in his words when his wife and he became foster parents themselves to three beautiful children.
The Supreme Court ruled that the foster parents can decide on issues such as education, nutrition, health and other issues related to the lives of the girls, but they would have to consult with the biological parent on outstanding issues such as surgery.
To ensure children are raised in safe and caring environments, we will clarify our policy on co-sleeping and the Safe Babies course is now a requirement for all foster parents that care for children under the age of three", further stated the report.
Maria Benitez, family resource supervisor at DCF's Worcester West area office, said the agency has a big need for foster parents for children of all ages.
According to officials, her foster parents took the girl into care provisionally in 2001 after a court found that her biological parents, who had seven more children, were financially unable to look after her.
Over the years Sherry and Doug have been foster parents to about 15 children, some long-term and others short-term.
FOSTER parents May and Gerry Taggart have had more than 150 children pass through their home in Carnwadric, Glasgow.