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In Emma, Jane's fosterage by the Dixons and Frank's adoption by his late mother's family also suggest the spectrum of arrangements that comprised de facto adoption (as well as Austen's persistent interest in the topic).
While Pearse was alone in promoting the concept of fosterage as a metaphor for a more enlightened teacher-pupil relationship, his identification of schooling as 'fostering .
To return to the Wordsworthian epigraph concerning fosterage by beauty and by fear, the objects and occasions of fear are cancelled from this particular script, resulting in a sharpening of focus on the aesthetic questions appropriate to fosterage by beauty.
32) Meanwhile, adoption did not exist in civil law: Chilean family law recognized only ties of "blood," to invoke contemporary parlance, and not those based on fosterage or other forms of fictive or spiritual kinship.
The ICWA often relies on inappropriate assumptions about values, priorities, and concerns, such as confidentiality, which may have no logical part in an adoption or fosterage in a Native community.
14) In addition to the exchange of nephews, the sons of wealthy and noble families in Icelandic tradition were usually in fosterage outside of the family nexus.
A fosterage tradition remains strong among Cape Verdeans.
Mauclaire, Simone, 1993, << L'institution de l'heritier et la pratique de nourrir le gendre dans le Japon ancien >>, colloque Adoption et Fosterage, Paris, 4 et 5 juin.
The meanings attached to child fosterage and the circulation of children between the homes of their parents, grandparents, and other kin and the implication of child circulation for future fertility considerations have persistently been raised by anthropological demographers (Bledsoe and Isiugo-Abanihe 1989; Page 1989; Caldwell 1982).
A Porto Alegre, des pratiques traditionnelles de fosterage faisaient en sorte qu'un enfant pouvait avoir plusieurs meres ; mais on a cherche a leur substituer le placement en orphelinat -- qui a souvent mene a l'adoption sans qu'il y ait eu consentement de la mere -- et, plus recemment, l'adoption pleniere qui instaure une filiation exclusive, rompant definitivement la filiation biologique.
In-law ties are weak to begin with; only in the next generation, through sister's-son fosterage, do two peoples come close together, perhaps even ideally close.
This cemented relations between them, and no chieftain would wage war on a clan where the kid was in fosterage.