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On the other hand, if you're having to go into hospital or working overseas for a while then you may want to consider a pet fosterer yourself.
Rescue dog Chou Chou the beagle with fosterers Kitty Niziblian, seven, and brother Tadhg, four, at home in Whitchurch
The stunt was set up by charity Pathway Care in a bid to encourage people to foster children - Wales needs 750 more fosterers.
UAE animal charities are desperate for help at this time of year as their regular fosterers leave for Christmas breaks.
About 2,000 children can be in care but there are only about 600 fosterers on the books.
We're losing donations, even volunteers and fosterers.
RSPCA Chief Inspector Cathy Hyde said: "The ability of the service to respond effectively to the needs of people and their pets leaving violent situations is crucially dependent on the availability of sufficient people willing to act as fosterers.
But some don't, and the law has changed because of a series of tragedies where children were abused or have died at the hands of what are known as private fosterers.
Or even a respite carer, stepping in when fosterers go on holiday?
They provide short-term emergency accommodation for cats in need through fosterers and can assist with vet expenses in cases of genuine hardship.
March is the beginning of the kitten season - the first one we'll have dealt with - so we expect to be inundated with calls and fosterers come into their own.