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This year was better than ever with many fostering services holding fostering information events, as well as family-friendly events like the Foster Walks, which raised funds for The Fostering Network's work transforming fostered children's lives.
net Dr Emily Warren Director, The Fostering Network
Co-ordinated by the Fostering Network, the campaign runs until Sunday May 21 with this year's theme being `fostering brighter futures.
Capital One also partners with Bruce Willis' National Foster Care Fund (NFCF), the Children's Action Network (CAN) and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (DTFA) on a national scholarship program, Fostering a Future, to benefit youth and children in foster care.
Current federal funding rules can be a straitjacket to state and local efforts to reform our troubled foster care systems," said Jess McDonald, Co-Director of Fostering Results and former Director of the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services.