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After Will was released from custody, the Fosters returned home to find that their possessions had once again been ransacked.
The Fosters have already used up their children's college funds for Will's defense and had to borrow money from relatives.
To minimize the chance of arrest, Foster decided to grow his own supply, concealing a small garden in an old bomb shelter in his basement.
Adrian Fenton, FWEL site manager, said the contract award, won in competition against 14 other engineering firms, builds on Foster Wheeler's successful Alliance and Partnering track record with refineries and other major facilities in the UK and overseas.
Foster Wheeler Energy Limited, based in Reading, United Kingdom, is a subsidiary of Foster Wheeler International Corp.
Foster Wheeler Energy Limited is an international project management, engineering and construction company offering a complete range of services worldwide to the energy and industrial sectors, principally serving the refining, petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas and pharmaceutical/fine chemicals industries.