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She said: "I don't like champagne - it's the foulest stuff.
fmwales Thank you to emergency services& engineers who worked tirelessly to help people across Wales in the foulest of weather #staysafe #ukstorm @KeithMooreULR Twitter is quiet on #anglesey without power for wifi, and 02 or Vodafone virtually no chance of 3G apart from #Holyhead A55 chaos
He reads it out: "Assad is the vilest in the world and foulest in the nation.
It states: "So far we have not tackled perhaps the greatest environmental and infrastructure problem in the area: the River Mersey and its tributaries - one of the foulest waterways in the country and a major blight on this part of the North West.
THE maze of streets stalked by the Ripper were among the foulest in the land.
In 1881, Dean Street was called "perhaps the foulest and most dangerous street in the metropolis".
Keeping to time-honoured practices of hospitality I would be invited to traditional Ramadan iftars , to celebrations at the end of Coptic Lent, and at one point was offered some of the foulest fish I had ever encountered.
The seniors attempted a different set of questions: What is the tallest flower in the world and also the foulest smelling native plant of Indonesia?
Or that any more than even a fraction of Fleet Street's foulest might have stooped so low as to break the law?
Warwick Castle brings to life the foulest and funniest moments from history, with the first ever Horrible Histories[sup.
The foulest blot remaining upon so-called civilized man, beyond question, is the killing of each other.
And Brother Larry Lavallee, the school's principal, said that girls had the foulest language.