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A test apparatus was designed to investigate the performance of a room air conditioner under different fouling stages and various airflow rates.
In addition, compounds that contain lower oil loadings might impart less mold fouling (ref.
Based on research at IPST by Frederick and Grace (see Additional Resources), a reasonable conclusion is that heating the liquor above the maximum temperature encountered in the subsequent test may alter its chemistry and greatly reduce the fouling tendency of the liquor.
Sessions on fouling are now held at most heat transfer conferences, and conferences entirely devoted to fouling, with published proceedings, are also now a regular occurrence.
A variety of approaches are used to improve the mold fouling of elastomer compounds.
In fact, a Navy destroyer, after only 6 months in temperate waters suffers a 50% increase in fuel consumption at 10 knots due to fouling and a badly fouled hull can reduce the top speed obtainable by 2/3rds.
The degree of mold fouling depends on various factors.
Craven lasted only 18 minutes before fouling out against Oregon despite repeated warnings from Bibby to play less aggressively, and the Trojans didn't have a suitable replacement.
I talked to Derrick about `not fouling, not fouling' and he gets two quick ones in a minute,'' Bibby said.
Then Fortson went back at O'Neal, trying to lock him up and bait him into fouling out.
3 seconds left, missed the front end of the 1-and-1, but the Bruins got another chance when Prewitt was whistled for fouling Barnes on the rebound.
There was no evidence of tubeworms or barnacles or any other type of fouling.