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A penalty is awarded when a goal scoring opportunity is denied by the defensive player fouling.
In cooling tower applications, four major mechanisms of fouling are expected: (a) precipitation fouling (scaling), (b) biological fouling (slime), (c) corrosion fouling, and (d) particulate fouling (sedimentation) (Haider, et al.
Despite the potential importance and impact of air-side fouling of room air-conditioner unit evaporator coils on indoor air quality (IAQ) as well as the overload energy consumption during the cooling period, there has been relatively little research concerning this topic.
Fouling or buildup on the mold surface from repetitive curing of rubber parts can cause major problems.
The purpose of this work was to evaluate the fouling tendency of SPR-heated black liquor in conventional heat exchangers.
This handbook presents the most important technologies concerning the reduction of fouling in heat exchangers, and the appropriate technologies for removal and cleaning.
Celtic's Danish midfielder Wieghorst pays penalty for persistent fouling with a booking after tackle on Wallace.
fh] the additional resistance acquired by the exchanger due to fouling of its hot surface, and [R.
Moderate fouling is thought to add as much as $2 million to the annual cost of fuel consumption for just a single tanker.
Mold fouling is the inherent tendency of the compound to adhere to the mold surface during curing.
He was called for a questionable third-quarter charge taken by Mikki Moore and played less than three minutes in the fourth quarter before fouling out.
The importance of an effective antifoul coating is critical, as a barely visible 10 micro/meter (1%) increase in average hull roughness caused by fouling, can equate to as much as 1,700 tons of additional fuel use over the course of one year for a single ship due to fouling and subsequent frictional surface resistance.