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Wilfried Zaha has been the subject of 45 fouls, while Chelsea's Willian has been judged to have been fouled 44 times.
Sheffield Wednesday are the division's dirtiest in terms of most fouls committed, with 205.
For instance, when a home team has three or more fouls more than the visitors, the probability that the next foul call is made against the visiting team is more than 60%.
We got an intentional foul (on Hackett), some technical fouls and kind of unraveled as a team.
The question then becomes: how can there have been so few fouls overall in Arsenal's games (which there have) and, at the same time, so many bookings overall in Arsenal's games (which there have)?
Coaching staffs should not encourage cheap-shots or dirty play, but tell their defenders that if they are going to foul, to do it in a clean manner so that the offensive opponent cannot get the shot off.
Most Fouls with no cards 4 Russell Anderson (Aberdeen v Dundee), Darren Young (Dunfermline v Hibernian).
Another time, he victimized Sal "The Barber" Maglie for "18 or 19" fouls in one at-bat.
Paul fouled out in this game, but there are at least two fouls that weren't supposed to be fouls.
The Lakers were called for five fouls in the first 3:07 of the quarter.
Sell Greece fouls supremacy at two in the Euro 2004
McCann fouls Mahe and the Celt gets up and jabs finger at his opponent.