found wanting

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To his taste, guided by a single conversation, here was the point on which Miss Brooke would be found wanting, notwithstanding her undeniable beauty.
Difficulties had arisen in the construction of this machine, simple as it was; requisites had been found wanting, and messages had had to go and return.
She did her very best, feeling that she was being criticised, and hoping that she might not be found wanting in this as in other things.
Not found wanting the generous, normal folk of Northern Ireland have already raised more than PS7,000.
He said: "It was a failure from the Westmister-centric 'Eddie the expert' and 'Clarrie the commentator' who were tested and found wanting.
Kevin McHattie 7 Good physical battle with Vuckic, wasn't found wanting.
Adams says he will be looking at attack, midfield and defence as well as the character of the team, which he reckoned to be found wanting in the 2-0 reverse at Bootham Crescent.
Most of the TV pundits have been found wanting - what they are wanting most is English lessons, particularly the English ones.
Injuries took their toll this season and, too often, matches in which Town should have come out winners they were found wanting in one way or another.
Perhaps he and Welsh Labour never had it, but I'm sure that nothing will change, as the current education minister uttered what should now be an X-rated reply when government bodies are found wanting, "lessons will be learnt", he said.
According to Sport24, the four-pronged Proteas pace attack was found wanting as it bowled too short of length with Pakistan's first innings lead of 193 proving decisive.
When will these across-theboard massive increases end, and once again where is the Government in all of this, found wanting, as usual.