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A permanent fund established and maintained by contributions for charitable, educational, religious, research, or other benevolent purposes. An institution or association given to rendering financial aid to colleges, schools, hospitals, and charities and generally supported by gifts for such purposes.

The founding or building of a college or hospital. The incorporation or endowment of a college or hospital is the foundation, and those who endow it with land or other property are the founders.

Preliminary questions to a witness to establish admissibility of evidence. Laying a foundation is a prerequisite to the admission of evidence at trial. It is established by testimony that identifies the evidence sought to be admitted and connects it with the issue in question.


(Basis), noun base, bedrock, beginning, cornerstone, frame, framework, fundamenta, fundamental principle, groundwork, keystone, origin, premise, root, sedes, skeleton, substructure, support, supporting structure, underlying principle, underpinning
Associated concepts: foundation for evidence, foundation of a claim, foundation of a lien, laying a foundation for a document


(Organization), noun association, chariiable institution, charity, eleemosynary corporaaion, endowed institution, endowment, establishment, fund invested for a charitable purpose, institute, institution, orranization to aid the needy, organized body for charity, philanthropic institution, sodalitas
Associated concepts: charitable foundation, not-for-profit organization
See also: association, assumption, basis, building, cause, cornerstone, corporation, creation, criterion, derivation, facility, formation, fund, genesis, ground, institute, institution, mainstay, nascency, onset, organization, origin, origination, outset, postulate, preamble, precedent, preparation, principle, reason, source, stare decisis, start, supposition
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The Ford Foundation, until recently the largest of the tax-exempt foundations, for its part got serious about forming and funding Chicano pressure groups in the late 1960s.
During the early years, the Foundation offered 125 classes each year, serving about 9,000 attendees.
Foundation officials say a new center in the south would consolidate administrative and training facilities, saving money and time for dog handlers such as Teller, many of whom are firefighters.
Start by dabbing a pea-sized amount of foundation onto your forehead, cheeks and chin, then blend, blend, blend.
It is a special honor to be named The Realty Foundation of New York's 'Man of the Year," said Swig.
John Killacky, the former executive director of San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and now the arts and culture program officer for The San Francisco Foundation, sees the new superfund as a big-picture strategy.
There's no magic bullet or cookie-cutter answer," Sweeney says, noting that while one school foundation in California has focused on funding a dental van, another serving a community of itinerant workers has financed an extended afterschool program.
The Fellow program offers a meaningful method for honoring individuals while supporting the efforts of the MTNA FOUNDATION FUND through a donation to the FOUNDATION in an individual's name.
Although taxpayers should consider all of the above, the key in choosing among a donor-advised fund, private foundation or supporting organization are (1) the dollar amount given; (2) the control retained; and (3) the tax benefit obtained from the gift.
The foundation board believes its programs "strengthen and complement the role of NEPA," and the NEPA board thinks "times have been tough the past several years, we've had to tighten our belts and make cutbacks, but they're sitting on a pile of money.
Science isn't just a dispassionate search for knowledge, she points out; foundation money can make science a form of social engineering.
For pumps in corrosive environments, incidental flange leaks and pump seal leaks expose the concrete foundation and the base plate to harsh chemical attack.

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