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pa] is allowable plastic strain at the foundation surface for design period.
Tenders are invited for The Job Includes I) Replacement of the Secondary Wind Girder ii) Replacement/Strengthening corroded Primary Wind Girder iii) Pontoon Internal Surface Painting iv) Painting of Supporting Leg and Sleeve Structure, Internal bottom, Internal Shell, Floating roof bottom surface v) Replacement of Central Drain Pipe vi) Painting of External Shell, Stair steps, Roller lading, Hand Rail, Walkway Wind Girder vii) Replacement of entire Sprinkler line, Main line, Foam Riser viii) Laying of Sand Bitumin mix in void existing between annular plate extension and foundation surface area ix) Replacement of Stair steps x) Rectification of Shell Manhole at Tank no M15 (Naphtha 24m dia & 13 m Ht.

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