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A permanent fund established and maintained by contributions for charitable, educational, religious, research, or other benevolent purposes. An institution or association given to rendering financial aid to colleges, schools, hospitals, and charities and generally supported by gifts for such purposes.

The founding or building of a college or hospital. The incorporation or endowment of a college or hospital is the foundation, and those who endow it with land or other property are the founders.

Preliminary questions to a witness to establish admissibility of evidence. Laying a foundation is a prerequisite to the admission of evidence at trial. It is established by testimony that identifies the evidence sought to be admitted and connects it with the issue in question.


(Basis), noun base, bedrock, beginning, cornerstone, frame, framework, fundamenta, fundamental principle, groundwork, keystone, origin, premise, root, sedes, skeleton, substructure, support, supporting structure, underlying principle, underpinning
Associated concepts: foundation for evidence, foundation of a claim, foundation of a lien, laying a foundation for a document


(Organization), noun association, chariiable institution, charity, eleemosynary corporaaion, endowed institution, endowment, establishment, fund invested for a charitable purpose, institute, institution, orranization to aid the needy, organized body for charity, philanthropic institution, sodalitas
Associated concepts: charitable foundation, not-for-profit organization
See also: association, assumption, basis, building, cause, cornerstone, corporation, creation, criterion, derivation, facility, formation, fund, genesis, ground, institute, institution, mainstay, nascency, onset, organization, origin, origination, outset, postulate, preamble, precedent, preparation, principle, reason, source, stare decisis, start, supposition
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Consider the growing fondness for emojis or the mass adoption of foundationally visual platforms like Tumblr," says Langie.
Foundationally, our social justice effort is steeped in the work of legendary activists such as bell hooks, Jacqueline Jackson, Audre Lorde, Alice Rossi, and Alice Walker and the critical philosophies of intellectuals and social justice scholars such as Michael Eric Dyson, Geneva Gay, Linda Darling-Hammond, Jacqueline Irvine, Gloria Ladson-Billings, and Cornel West and the scholarly work of others such as Dantley and Tillman, (2006); Lopez, (2003); Marshall and Oliva, (2006); and Shields, (2010).
Foundationally, one must identify a common technique that allows ARP4754A to interface with systems developed under the conventional means of Type Certification for projects such as amended TC's, STCs, or reuse of systems from Type Certificated Products.
Foundationally, a successful platform is built on harvesting data from a number of internal and external sources.
I was going to go to college, but I knew I was going to have to figure out my own way to do it--and that's foundationally what we have been trying to work on with our students in poverty.
A champion of the professional, independent agent, PIA provides resources our members need to build foundationally solid, community-based businesses," said Kelly Norris, CAE, executive director of PLACT, PIANH, PIANJ and PIANY.
We are still systemically and foundationally racist.
Colleges of education today provide students with the latest information on what is considered current best practice, but as this is not grounded foundationally students never understand the "why" behind these practices, making such study less meaningful.
I found Eisner's (1991) thoughtful balance between the private act of perceiving (connoisseurship) the nuances of life in schools and the public act (criticism) of communicating those perceptions especially compelling; thus, I used his ideas to foundationally shape a new qualitative research course at the university (Colby & Bodily, 2014).
In suggesting that myth, as a social construction, provides a window into a particular society, she shows how Creole populations re-imagine their places foundationally as places of belonging.
Every culture causes foundationally the subject to become alienated from the self that has to be surrendered to the discourse of the other (Lacan).