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A permanent fund established and maintained by contributions for charitable, educational, religious, research, or other benevolent purposes. An institution or association given to rendering financial aid to colleges, schools, hospitals, and charities and generally supported by gifts for such purposes.

The founding or building of a college or hospital. The incorporation or endowment of a college or hospital is the foundation, and those who endow it with land or other property are the founders.

Preliminary questions to a witness to establish admissibility of evidence. Laying a foundation is a prerequisite to the admission of evidence at trial. It is established by testimony that identifies the evidence sought to be admitted and connects it with the issue in question.


(Basis), noun base, bedrock, beginning, cornerstone, frame, framework, fundamenta, fundamental principle, groundwork, keystone, origin, premise, root, sedes, skeleton, substructure, support, supporting structure, underlying principle, underpinning
Associated concepts: foundation for evidence, foundation of a claim, foundation of a lien, laying a foundation for a document


(Organization), noun association, chariiable institution, charity, eleemosynary corporaaion, endowed institution, endowment, establishment, fund invested for a charitable purpose, institute, institution, orranization to aid the needy, organized body for charity, philanthropic institution, sodalitas
Associated concepts: charitable foundation, not-for-profit organization
See also: association, assumption, basis, building, cause, cornerstone, corporation, creation, criterion, derivation, facility, formation, fund, genesis, ground, institute, institution, mainstay, nascency, onset, organization, origin, origination, outset, postulate, preamble, precedent, preparation, principle, reason, source, stare decisis, start, supposition
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