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Yet if all the fictions dramatize environmental crisis as a way of life, they differ in how their narratives represent and assimilate the break between the past and the entry into the present's stressed, foundationless, inside without an outside.
Whether Hegel's claim of a self-grounding of logic amounts to a foundationless philosophy, as Winfield contends, or rather to a speculative foundation of philosophy, cannot be discussed here.
Indeterminism as the Foundationless Foundation of the Political
Neither is the act of violence--the unfolding of and response to it--adequately grasped through the employment of tropes of Mumbai as the most cosmopolitan space in India and of India as (economically and geopolitically) "shining." Instead, the rupture ought to be read in relation to the founding of the Indian Republic, in the violence of founding the authority of foundationless juridical-political structures, and in the traumatizing and intrinsically traumatic vision inscribed into and through it.
And while the story of the re-founding of the State of Israel (the Third Jewish Commonwealth) was the result of the work of secular, left-wing, socialist/Marxist Jews, primarily of Eastern European origin, as well as present-day right wingers, they too were and are the recipients of a heritage of religious Judaism without which their own activism was foundationless:
However, their current ad hoc contentions of worker exploitation, which are inherently founded on a demonstrably false theory of value (their rejection of Marx notwithstanding), are foundationless. As the saying goes, it takes a theory to beat a theory.
Finding man turned out of the picture, finding oneself on the floor as Lawrence writes in his letter, Somers looks back at "the heavy established European way of life" with nausea and finds the mass and bulk of Italy's and France's architecture sickening in comparison with Australia's "amorphous scrappy scattering of foundationless shacks and bungalows" which, like "Japanese paper houses," are easily erased (346).
The miseen-abyme or infinite regress (behind the mask is another mask, etc.) indicates the perils of reflective thought on the one hand and the abyssal truth of foundationless modernity on the other.
What is highly symbolic is Ghosh's relentless logic of the uncanny: the ghostly refugees are refused (home)lands in a land that is itself foundationless, shifting and unmapped.
(36) The second is the generation of a competing fight or countervailing interest, forcing the prospect of foundationless judicial choosing, i.e., the problem of indeterminacy.
That said, the chapter on Hegel is particularly good, delivering a very clear account of his 'foundationless ontology' and ranging over the entirety of his philosophical works.
We soon come to realize that this "new city" growing on the periphery of Rome is a pseudo-city, a mere simulacrum of the historically rooted polis it seeks to replace, a foundationless construction built on the empty postwar premise of material prosperity and ersatz prestige--in other words, an instant ruin, like Ettore himself.

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