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Geiger's discovery is that the 'idea of a founding act of a form of life' (4) or, more specifically, 'founding the realm of freedom ...
In the models I estimated, I could not detect the presence of overdispersion when the analysis was restricted to organizational foundings in Copenhagen -- Denmark's capital city.
(1.) Following other studies on the ecology of organizational founding I also explored different functional specifications for the effects of prior foundings (e.g.
1983 'Organizational foundings: An ecological study of the newspaper industries of Argentina and Ireland'.
The initial spurt in farm winery foundings occurred in California, followed by Oregon and Washington.
An observed spurt in foundings of specialist organizations within an organizational population may reflect either the emergence of a new specialist organizational form or the rapid growth of an existing specialist organizational form.
Ecological research suggests that population density, prior foundings, and prior deaths affect the founding rates of organizations.
'Increasing organizational density has several consequences, some increasing and some inhibiting foundings. Factors increasing foundings include: rising legitimacy and institutionalization of an organizational form; spreading availability of knowledge and skills necessary to generate organizations; and, the possibility of collective action.
Processes of entry into an industry likely differ from founding processes because entry includes foundings and adaptive changes of firms that operated in other industries.
We began analysis by pooling data on foundings in the first and second most important cities/boroughs from the perspective of banking: Manhattan and Brooklyn.
entrepreneur or founding leader who acquires the facilities, hires the initial employees, and creates the organizational structure that is subsequently imprinted.
The argument to this point has been that characteristics of the environment and the entrepreneur at founding influence the initial importance of organizational functions.