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Ismail said that the President of the Republic also met with Egyptian investors and businessmen and deliberated about the fields of investments in Sudan and the Egyptian investments in the country, calling on the Egyptian investors to benefit from the four freedoms agreement.
Relations between the two countries have appeared to sour recently after Khartoum said that Cairo is stalling the implementation of the Four Freedoms agreement signed in 2004.
Construction of Four Freedoms Park will commence in the summer of 2009.
Hard upon the heels of President Roosevelt's stirring 1941 address to Congress that set out the four freedoms, Rockwell began painting images of those freedoms, images destined to become enduring national symbols.
Qualifying his assertion that "decisions will be made in Ankara", Christodoulides said the issue of four freedoms for Turkish citizens came up at the international conference on Cyprus in Geneva.
He affirmed the readiness of his country to go ahead in implementing the nine agreements which were signed between Khartoum and Juba, especially concerning the file of the two Ministries of Interior which included the four freedoms and the border crossings that will boost the trade movement between Sudan and South Sudan.
'SOUTH SUDANESE PRESENCE CONTRIBUTING TO INCREASED CRIME RATE' Sharfi expressed concern about the implementation of the "Four Freedoms" agreement with South Sudan noting that the southern presence in the north after the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) had a significant impact on the level of crimes related to adultery and alcohol consumption.
The FDR Four Freedoms Park LLC, a subsidiary of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, will launch a tree campaign with proceeds dedicated to build the Franklin D.
Ghandour reiterated its commitment to the four freedoms and proved this commitment when it has opened its border for the southerners who fled the war in their country.
I deserve a constitution that safeguards unity and does not set the seed for division, that sustains and secures the fundamental human liberties and the basic four freedoms, rewarding the sacrifices that the people of this country have made to accede to the EU.
The two countries signed on 27 September a cooperation agreement including the establishment of a demilitarised zone, oil transit, border trade, and four freedoms deal allowing movement of the citizens from the two sides of border.
Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park as designed by the renowned architect Louis I.