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According to Wu et al5 in myopic eyes fovea is thicker but macular thickness and volume is decreased in young adults.
In our case, after the total resolution of haemorrhage, an examination of the areas where laser shots were applied revealed that they were close to the fovea and the contact site with retina was slightly wide.
Al-Alousi7 found that vibrating line was at the level of fovea in about 50.9% of the patients.
Moreover, the appearance of red lesions is similar to the normal structures of the retinal, such as the blood vessels and the fovea, causing too much false positive (FP).
* Retinal oedema that is one disc area or larger, any part of which is within one disc diameter of the center of fovea. (5)
Complete closure (defined as no neurosensory defect at the fovea on SD-OCT) was observed in all eyes 2 weeks after surgery (although the tissue filling the original MH appeared more likely to be sheets of inverted ILM flap), followed by a gradual microstructural reconstruction afterward marked by partial restoration of the back-reflection lines representing the external limiting membrane (ELM) and ellipsoid zone (EZ) on SD-OCT [Figure 1].
Secondly, the fovea is packed with a majority of red-sensitive cones.
Karim Kassem's exhibition "Fovea" is on view at Masrah al-Madina from June 16.
Moreover, one morpho-species can be easily separated from the others by the presence of enlarged male antennomeres 7, anterior frontal fovea on the anterior-dorsal aspect of the head, and the absence of basolateral fovea on abdominal sternites V-VI.
In this protocol, manual measurement of the outer retinal layer thickness (OLT) was performed at a point in the central fovea from internal limiting membrane (ILM) to the apex of retinal pigmented epithelium (RPE) by an ophtalmologist who was blinded to the primary diagnosis and drug consumption properties of the subjects.