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(14) Iatrogenic foveal or parafoveal macular can also be a potential complication of this procedure.
Ocular finding Microcephalic Normocephalic (N = 12) (N = 83) Double Ring Sign 0% (0) 11% (9) Small Optic Nerve 25% (3) 4% (3) Macular Stippling 8% (1) 8% (7) Mottling 0% (0) 4% (3) Retinopathy of Prematurity Stage 1, Zone III 17% (2) 0% (0) Oval Optic Nerve 0% (0) 2% (2) Tilted Nerve 0% (0) 1% (1) Blunted Foveal Reflex 0% (0) 1% (1)
Luo et al7 also did the same study on children having age of 11 to 12 years and noted that there is decreased macular thickness in all quadrants and smaller macular volume and greater foveal thickness in children having increasing axial myopia.
[16], which showed that mf-ERG in central 2[degrees] revealed the reduced foveal activity in PD patients.
We observed that retinal thickness was commonly decreased in diabetes, especially in the foveal and temporal (parafovea and perifovea) areas.
The average foveal and parafoveal retinal thicknesses for all 56 eyes of the 32 patients were significantly thicker than those before surgery ( P = 0.003 and P = 0.004, respectively) 1 day after surgery, but not 3 days or 1 week after surgery ( P > 0.05).
For comparison between CFT and mean foveal thickness (MFT) at baseline, 1 week and 6 weeks, paired sample T-test was applied to see the significance.
Moreover, no correlation was found between BCVA and overall measurements of CFT, sub foveal choroidal thickness and foveal ONL.
Afterwards, in Section 3, the experimental results on variations of foveal sample sets are provided (Section 3.1), followed by the report of quantitative tilt results for variations of different configurations of the Cafe Wall illusion with the same characteristics of mortar lines and tiles but with different arrangements of a whole pattern (Section 3.2), which had then been completed by a thorough comparison of the local and global mean tilts of the pattern found by our simulations (Section 3.3).
Among the ophthalmic variables, refractive error, cup-disc ratio in percent, intraocular pressure, and automated visual field pattern standard deviation were significantly more in cases, whereas visual acuity, foveal visual sensitivity, and automated visual field mean deviation were less in cases than in control (see Table 2).
X-linked retinoschisis (XLRS) is an inherited vitreoretinal dystrophy and is characterized by foveal schisis in patients [1-3].