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Sequelae of CRVO percentage Persistant me 28% NVD/NVE 10% NVG 17% optic atrophy 7% foveal atrophy 7% collaterals 7% ERM 7% Note: Table made from bar graph.
In this study, none of patients showed typical cystoid appearance of macula on OCT, but there was diffuse macular thickening in patients that showed increase in central foveal thickness up to the 6th week post-operative follow-up.
The current study revealed that a considerable number of cases of DME were associated with VMT with extra foveal VMT (62.
14) Two histopathological studies performed in humans with advanced CQ-induced retinopathy revealed destruction of the cone and rods, sparing the foveal cones.
Fundoscopic examination characterizes the foveal hypoplasia and optic nerve abnormalities.
Association between foveal photoreceptor status and visual acuity after resolution of diabetic macular edema by pars plana vitrectomy.
Calculating the log ratio of short-wavelength sensitivity between a foveal target and the parafoveal target yielded a measurement of macular pigment's absorption, or more appropriately, macular pigment optical density (MPOD).
To address the issue of whether the smile radiates outwards to other face regions and makes them look happy, we used the following methodological developments: (a) participants were presented with whole-face stimuli for 150 ms and asked to categorize their eyes as happy or not happy; (b) the viewer's attention was visually pre-cued to the eye region of the face stimulus, and foveal vision of the mouth region was blocked by means of gaze-contingent masking (i.
The fovea was classified as being functioning if the anatomical foveal area of approximately 2 degrees was not a dense scotoma and the area could maintain a steady stimulus and follow a moving 30,000-Troland stimulus.
The place where one's glance is aimed is the place that corresponds to the highest resolution in the eye-the fovea, a slight depression in the retina at the back of the eye-while regions surrounding the foveal area-the periphery-allow access to less spatial detail.
Thorax arched, sparsely pubescent, finely rugulose; prothorax convex, roof-shaped, descending, with two foveal impression on each lateral side; prescutum broader than long, broadest posterior to center, narrower anteriorly, angulate laterally and on posterior margin; scutum much broader than long, slilghtly shorter than prescutum, weakly depressed dorso-medianally, angulate laterally, posterior margin weakly invaginated along scutellum; scutellum trapezoid, broad anteriorly and narrow posteriorl, about twice as broad as long.
One year after treatment the OCT of OS showed a normal foveal thickness and contour as shown in figure 2C.