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Change detection might thus have been degraded in the dual-task conditions of Experiment 1 in part because the abbreviated fixation durations that obtained during conversation allowed too little time for the adequate encoding of foveated visual information and/or peripheral analysis of potential saccade targets.
Thus real-time foveated display techniques, such as progressive transmission, could potentially be used to reduce bandwidth to useful levels (Bolt, 1984).
Optical Imaging motes for $10-$20 with COMMS: Optical IR/Visible imagers with 360 degree field of view with low cost and low power foveated vision and PZT capability would significantly enhance the ability of motes to provide critical information to the war-fighter.
Apart from the glasses, SMI has also developed a VR technology called foveated rendering, which locates the VR area exactly in front of the user's gaze and renders it at full resolution, blurring out the rest.