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My hand missed the girl's by a fraction of an inch, and I saw her slip into the sea; but scarce had she touched the water when I was in after her.
There was Dartworthy, the college man who had staked the rich fraction on Bonanza above Discovery.
A fraction of a second too long in the water and the fine and silken edge of the proper heat was lost, and Martin found time to marvel at the accuracy he developed - an automatic accuracy, founded upon criteria that were machine-like and unerring.
The gutter-cat prepared and sprang with sudden decision, landing where Cocky had perched the fraction of a second before.
Their right hands extended and for a fraction of an instant met in a perfunctory shake.
We must communicate with you through a stammering intelligence in that small fraction of our language that you yourselves can speak.
Captain Jim is never late by the fraction of a second," said Leslie.
She did not remember the precise sum, but it appeared that the Gemman had worked it out to the fraction of a farthing.
A good city speculator or a parliamentary commissioner could have told to a fraction, from the crowds that were cantering about, what sum of money was realised in London, in the course of a year, by holding horses alone.
It was a strange way of killing: not by inches, but by fractions of hairbreadths, to beguile me with the spectre of a hope through eighteen years
The arrangements that may be necessary for those angles and fractions of our territory which lie on our northwestern frontier, must be left to those whom further discoveries and experience will render more equal to the task.
We can form a single united body, while the enemy must split up into fractions.