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In [35], the Carleman embedding technique is used to transform the fractional logistic equation into an infinite-order set of linear equations from which the exact solution to the fractional logistic equation is obtained.
Analytical solutions to the fractional modified Telegraph and Rayleigh equations are constructed in terms of Mittag-Leffler, Hypergeometric, Hermite and Fox's H functions in [33].
(i) Lebesgue-p norm convergence analysis of PD"-type iterative learning control for fractional order nonlinear systems,
(ii) solution existence for initial-value problems of hybrid fractional sum-difference equations,
In the following section, the overview of memristor will be briefly given followed by the memristor's generalization and derivation of our expressions in Section 3 where the behavioral analysis of the fractional order memristor will also be given.
The Fractional Order Domain Generalization of the Memristor and the Memristances, Related Parameters, and Analysis of the Fractional Order Memristor
In the last decade, several applications have emerged due to the fractional nature of the phenomena.
Fractional calculus is a terminology that refers to the integration and differentiation of arbitrary order [6, 8]; in other words, the meaning of k-th derivative [d.sup.k] y/d[x.sup.k] and k-th iterated integral [integral] ...
In this paper, we develop an auxiliary equation method for solving fractional partial differential equations, where the fractional derivative is defined in the sense of the conformable fractional derivative.
The conformable fractional derivative is defined by [35]
The structure of the paper is as follows: in Section 2, the definitions and simple properties of fractional calculus are introduced.
Riemann defined the fractional integral of order [alpha] > 0 as

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