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Then, from line 17 and 27, the discussion shifted to fractional distillation, which again was framed through her two questions on line 17 and 18.
The fuels were tested in a laboratory where their fractional distillation characteristics and density (device Automatic density meter DDM2910, standard EN ISO 12185) were determined and lubrication parameters assessed.
Thermal degradation and fractional distillation process was performed with LDPE waste plastic and generated naphtha grade fuel accordingly.
Because it is lighter, Libyan crude produces a higher fraction of diesel through fractional distillation.
The site's existing extensive organic synthesis and distillation equipment complements the epoxy plant with capabilities of downstream processing and advancement of epoxy resins as well as purification by fractional distillation and/or thin film evaporation.
The plant will use most modern fractional distillation and hydrocarbon cracking technology to refine the crude, he said.
The Berre Refinery uses the fractional distillation process to convert crude oil into various petrochemical products, including LPG, naphtha, jet fuel, gasoline, heating oil, bitumen, fuel oil and gasoil.
Crude oil can't be used practically until it has been separated into its constituent parts at a refinery via a process known as fractional distillation, which separates the various useable products by their boiling points and removes any contaminants and impurities; Top, right: a rotary drilling outfit, Iran, 1928.
The object of the study was to verify if pesticides could be successfully concentrated into the residual toluene by a fractional distillation method, thereby removing only the ethyl acetate.

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