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He said that fractionalisation of political parties was being made which was not in the interest of the federation.
Giving reference to the recent change of loyalties of a number of politicians from one party to another, Rabbani said that engineered political atmosphere was being created in the county and efforts were being made to produce 'test-tube babies.' He said that fractionalisation of political parties was being made which was not in the interest of the federation.
Thus, ethnic fractionalisation would impact negatively upon RL.
This measure of Ethno-Linguistic Fractionalisation is based on Easterly and Levine (1997) which is the likelihood that the two randomly selected individuals from a particular country not belonging to the same ethno-linguistic group.
They were able to spot this evidence in the material by observing what is known as "electron fractionalisation" - wherein electrons appear to break apart - and the resulting quasiparticles called "Majorana fermions," which are created when electrons in a quantum spin state split apart. 
We see male dominance in all the societies when it comes to religion, ethnic, and linguistic fractionalisation. The religious leaders are predominantly men.
The observation of one of their most intriguing properties -- electron splitting, or fractionalisation -- in real materials is a breakthrough.
Furthermore, most of these studies have been limited to the ethnolinguistic and religious fractionalisation. However, there is much more than fractionalisation - fractionalisation does not say anything about culture itself.
I expect to be able to identify such operators in phases breaking translation invariance homogeneously, build gravity models with tunable intermediate scaling regimes, characterize the phases studied with both local (transport coefficients, correlators ) and nonlocal (entanglement, fractionalisation) observables and explore connections with top-down models from String Theory.The main research training objectives are three-fold: complementing my set of current skills with gravitational perturbation and numerical techniques, as well as building a solid culture in modern Condensed Matter Theory.
The study has also examined other variables, mainly ethnic fractionalisation and population number, and their correlation with the prevalence of non-state conflicts.
The report confirms that a fractured Egyptian elite has been a chronic predicament in Egyptian politics for years; the elite fractionalisation indicator has not dipped below 8 since 2005, but rather reached a worrying peak of 9.4 in 2014.
Martin Stefek outlines in this issue the case of the party Programme by historically accounting the phases of the Czechoslovak reform process highlighting the creeping in of "differentiation and fractionalisation within the Czechoslovak communist leadership" and bringing to light precious archival material that stood at the basis of transition towards democracy.