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The reasons why political parties in Pakistan have become highly factionalised and fractionalised are complex, and there are few comprehensive analyses of the subject.
It will take more than a 'Britain Day' to mend an increasingly fractionalised and dysfunctional society.
This trend towards increasingly fractionalised employment has eroded career opportunities for increasing numbers of Australian workers (see Mitchell et al.
Power cascaded downward through branching network of agents that collectively formed the so-called nomenklatura, but in practice the 'big' nomenklatura of a million posts was fractionalised because every little dictator nested his own little nomenklatura inside the big one and demanded its loyalty (Khlevniuk, 2003; Lewin, 2003).
Touchstone provides an interesting insight into the global and fractionalised FIDS industry of today in that the company makes neither hardware or software, but rather is a systems integrator, performing system design, installation and maintenance for others.
The big investment parcels traditionally bought by institutional investors are being fractionalised to open them to the more active grass roots investor.