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In order to fractionalize given problem, the operator [[?
The one-class-of-stock rule creates several significant limitations, the most detrimental of which include the elimination of the ability to: create preferred returns for investors; (18) create and grant noncapital interests in the business (making it easier to admit new employee-owners to the business) which are not subject to immediate tax recognition because the interest is limited to the future profits of the business; (19) and fractionalize ownership interests (other than for voting control) which serve as the basis for valuation discounts used for estate and gift tax planning.
However, the existence of multiple technical standards tends to fractionalize the value associated with specialization.
The issue of whether a licensee or E-tailer is capable of fulfilling orders outside a home territory is one of logistics, but the Internet's ability to fractionalize and more finely target individual audiences on a global basis may have far-reaching effects.
Estate planners and client advocates should strive to fractionalize ownership of real property or business interests whenever possible to minimize values to be included for estate tax purposes.
Misrepresentations of corrections in the media] can fractionalize staff, reduce teamwork and affect how a unit and agency functions.
Merrill of the University of Missouri School of Journalism says it is journalism that "should solidify the community, not fractionalize it; absolutist ethics needed for social harmony and cohesion; reluctance to publish stories that might fractionalize society; desire to bring social harmony through 'positive' journalism; de-emphasizing older Enlightenment liberalism and journalistic autonomy.
If we do not dynamically change our tax system, I fear that the politics of envy will increasingly fractionalize our society.
Without a common faith produced by a sense of community, American institutions, including business institutions, will find themselves experiencing a balkanization as those who make up the organizations fractionalize into separate groups--ethnic, social, and religious.
Conditions were exacerbated by the relentless pressure of state officials mandated to increase output, by an expanding population, and by the practice of partible inheritance which continued to fractionalize landholding.
In this store, non-foods helped fractionalize the pefishables depaty ments and caused a penetration rate in grocery that was well below that of the other stores studied.