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Obviously, the information granularities are fractionized further by the dynamic construction graph.
For the generation of those figures, measured one-minute values were averaged to hourly means, which were then fractionized again using the new improved algorithm as well as the approaches of Aguiar and Skartveit.
However, this is not enough direct evidence on the relationship between MC, bacterial attachment and fiber digestion in the rumen microbial ecosystem, because it was based on microscopic observation, solid and liquid fractionized works and some bacterial pure cultivation.
The plant cladodes were extracted with methanol and then fractionized with various organic solvents (n-hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate and n-butanol).
Sephadex columns were used to remove excess dyes and the reaction were fractionized and visualized on an ABI 3100 DNA sequencer.
Hydra-Feel contains the Vital-H fraction, a patented complex created with the fractionized extract of the desert shrub Myrothamnus.