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It's all right," she greeted him, coming out to the barn where he was unhitching a tired but fractious colt.
He got fractious and nervous, and I was obliged to let him go into the streets.
If I find it necessary to carry you away, pick-a-back, o' course I shall leave it the least bit o' time possible afore you; but allow me to express a hope as you won't reduce me to extremities; in saying wich, I merely quote wot the nobleman said to the fractious pennywinkle, ven he vouldn't come out of his shell by means of a pin, and he conseqvently began to be afeered that he should be obliged to crack him in the parlour door.
In the last series, this task led to a debate about what exactly constitutes an anatomically correct skeleton, and this year looks set to be just as fractious, as one half of each team gets to work in Kent, while the rest attempt to source their items in France.
And we grow even more fractious when the sun finally emerges and temperatures rise.
Billie, who topped the charts with Because We Want To in 1998 before TV fame in Doctor Who, said: "I've always been a bit fractious with my parents - I forced them out of my life.
She told the Times Magazine: "I've always been a bit fractious with my parents.
Budget conferees are named, the House sends a message on tax cut talks and a fractious breakfast for the Big Three - all that and more in the latest issue of our subscriber-only newsletter for political insiders ($).
With no apparent resolution to the fractious and inharmonious relations within the management, the majority on the BIHL Board decided that it had no other option but to openly and voluntarily request reputable receivers to take over the management of BIHL on its behalf.
S residents of Newcastle Adare to hope the fractious dispute over cuts to the arts will soon be resolved, so too will they be keeping their fingers crossed that the city's football team will soon find its way again.
FLY-HALF Jonathan Sexton has braced Ireland for a fractious encounter with Argentina that he believes will be won by the team that delivers amid the pressure of a critical encounter.
THE Duchess of Cambridge creates justifiable elation wherever she goes in these fractious economic times.