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Duration of fracture of 52 patients was 4.17 +- 1.779 with day's range of 1 to 7 days.
The angle fracture was seen to occur predominantly on the left side including 30 out of the 52 patients forming a percentage of 57.7%.
Cross tabulation data between gender and type showed that the proximal femoral fracture percentage is higher in females (n=21, 35%) compared to male patients (n=86, 25%) with a significant difference (p=0.038) (Table 2).
In conclusion, our study confirms the increased prevalence of middle shaft femoral fracture, especially in young males with increasing prevalence on the right side.
Between 1996 and 2016, 30 patients with femur fracture were evaluated who had regular follow-up and had orthoroentgenogram at the last follow-up.
Initially all interlocking nails were routinely dynamized at two to three months to promote fracture healing.
Incidence of solid organ injury was more in patients associated with rib fracture in comparison to patients with only pelvic fracture (66.7% vs.
Christensen et aL (2018) recently applied fractography to skeletal fracture surfaces and identified several fractographic features (Table 1) that indicated the site of fracture initiation and direction of fracture propagation.
Since Carboniferous, the tectonic fracture of such a reservoir has been growing more and more due to frequent tectonic movements leading to advantageous accumulation places.
ISLAMABAD -- Children who are Vitamin D deficient have a greater risk of having more severe forearm fractures requiring surgical treatment, says a study.
A total of 102,464 adult patients with fracture from 2009 to 2016 are included.
It is believed that both the fracture width and delivery head of fracture water affect completed freezing time.