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In the brittle region the fracture energy increased, while in the ductile region, the fracture displacement seemed to decrease slightly with temperature.
The data used for calculating the GISSMO damage and the calculated fracture displacement was compared with the fracture displacement measured in the actual tests to find the corresponding fracture point.
Results demonstrated that when there was condylar depression greater than 6 mm and widening greater than 5 mm, lateral meniscal pathology was noted in 83% (20 of 24) of patients; these findings confirmed that soft-tissue injury occurs with increasing frequency above specified thresholds of fracture displacement.
Fracture could be classified on the basis of fracture displacement.
21) The pinning fixation reduced the degree of secondary fracture displacement compared to cast treatment alone.
At the most recent follow-up examination, the patient had no complaints and radiographs demonstrated no fracture displacement or bony collapse.
To decide between operative and non-operative management require an accurate definition of anatomy and fracture displacement and a realistic assessment of one's ability to achieve an anatomic reduction.
1) The etiology of scaphoid nonunions includes a tenuous blood supply, delay in treatment, fracture displacement, fracture comminution, and inadequate immobilization.
DISCUSSION: The age and sex of the patient, osteoporosis, degree of fracture displacement and the quality of fracture reduction have been found to affect the end results.